Roadkill Garage is filmed in Los Angeles, California. The shop is located in the heart of the city, and the crew has easy access to all of the necessary amenities. The location also allows for a quick getaway if they need to film on location.


Roadkill Garage – Best Test Drives

If you’re a fan of Roadkill Garage, then you’ve probably wondered where the show is filmed. After all, it’s not like they film in a studio – they’re out in the middle of nowhere, fixing up cars! Well, wonder no more – we’ve got the scoop on where Roadkill Garage is filmed.

The show is actually filmed on a ranch in Sonoma County, California. That’s right – all those beautiful shots of nature are real! And the best part?

You can visit the ranch for yourself! So if you ever find yourself in California, be sure to check out Roadkill Ranch. You might just see some familiar faces (and cars)!

Where Does David Freiburger Live

We all know that David Freiburger is the editor-in-chief of HOT ROD Magazine, and we’ve seen him on a variety of TV shows like Roadkill, Garage Squad, and more. But where does this gearhead live? Many people don’t know that David Freiburger actually lives in Arizona, in a small town called Prescott.

David’s love for cars started at a young age, when he would help his dad work on old muscle cars in the garage. This eventually led to him getting a job at HOT ROD Magazine, which is headquartered in Los Angeles. Even though he now lives in Arizona, he still makes the trek down to LA often for work.

When he’s not working on cars or writing about them, David enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids. He also likes hiking and spending time outdoors – something that’s easy to do in Arizona! So next time you see David on TV or in a magazine, remember that this car guy calls Prescott home.

Why Did Finnegan Leave Roadkill

When it comes to the question of why Finnegan left Roadkill, there are a few possible explanations. It could be that he simply wanted to pursue other opportunities and found a better offer elsewhere. Alternatively, it’s possible that there was some behind-the-scenes conflict that led to his departure.

Whatever the case may be, we can’t say for sure why Finnegan decided to leave the show. However, we can speculate based on what we know about him and the situation. Finnegan is known for being a bit of a maverick when it comes to his career choices.

He’s often taken risks and gone against conventional wisdom in order to achieve success. For example, he left a lucrative job at Edmunds in order to start his own company called The Smoking Tire. This risky move paid off big time, as The Smoking Tire quickly became one of the most popular automotive websites on the internet.

Given Finnegan’s history of taking risks, it’s not surprising that he would also take a risk by leaving Roadkill in order to pursue other opportunities. It’s also worth noting that Finnegan has always been very passionate about cars and driving. This was evident from his work on Roadkill, where he would often push himself (and the cars) to their limits.

However, this passion might have also played a role in his departure from the show. It’s possible that Finnegan felt like he was no longer able to truly express himself on Roadkill and decided to move on as a result. Ultimately, we may never know exactly why Finnegan left Roadkill.

Did Finnegan And Freiburger Have a Falling Out

A few years ago, Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger were two of the most popular hosts on the internet. They had a successful YouTube show called Roadkill, where they would work on crazy car projects and then take them out for a joyride. But in recent years, the duo has been estranged, and many fans have wondered what happened.

It seems that the falling out was over an incident that occurred while filming an episode of Roadkill. According to Freiburger, Finnegan was supposed to be driving a car that they were working on, but he ended up crashing it. This caused some serious damage to the car, and Freiburger was not happy about it.

The two have not spoken since then, and it doesn’t seem like they will be patching things up anytime soon. It’s a shame because they were such a great team, but it looks like their days of working together are over.

Is Roadkill Garage Cancelled

If you’re a fan of Roadkill Garage, you may have noticed that the show hasn’t been on the air for a while. There’s been no official word from Discovery Channel about the show’s future, but based on the lack of new episodes, it seems likely that Roadkill Garage has been cancelled. This is a shame, as Roadkill Garage was one of the most entertaining car shows on TV.

The hosts, David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich, had great chemistry and knew how to have fun with their projects. They would often take on crazy challenges, like building a working toilet out of an engine block, and somehow always managed to get the job done (albeit not always perfectly). We may never know exactly why Roadkill Garage was cancelled, but it’s certainly a loss for car fans everywhere.

Where is Hot Rod Garage Located

Hot Rod Garage is located in sunny Southern California, just minutes from Los Angeles. We specialize in building and restoring classic cars and trucks, and we’re passionate about every detail. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to making your dream car a reality.

Whether you’re looking for a complete restoration or just a few modifications, we’ll work with you to create the perfect vehicle. Hot Rod Garage is your one-stop shop for all your classic car needs.

Where is Roadkill Garage Filmed?


What Does Steve Dulcich from Roadkill Do for a Living?

Steve Dulcich is a writer and editor for the automotive website Roadkill. He has also been a contributing editor at Hot Rod Magazine and Car Craft Magazine. Dulcich began his career as a freelance photographer, before moving into writing and editing.

Is Dulcich a Farmer?

Dulcich is a farmer who owns and operates a farm in the Central Valley of California. He grows various crops including tomatoes, melons, and grapes. Dulcich also raises livestock, such as cattle, pigs, and chickens.

In addition to running his own farm, Dulcich also works as a consultant for other farmers in the area.

Where is the Tv Series Roadkill Filmed?

The 2020 TV series Roadkill is filmed in the United Kingdom. The majority of the series was shot in and around Bristol, with some scenes also filmed in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, and Gloucestershire. The series tells the story of politician Peter Laurence (played by Hugh Laurie), who is caught up in a scandal after an affair with a journalist is made public.

As he tries to repair his reputation and keep his career on track, he becomes embroiled in even more scandals and secrets. Roadkill was created and written by David Hare, who also directed several episodes. Filming for the series began in 2019 and wrapped up that same year.

Why is Finnegan Not on Roadkill Garage Anymore?

It’s been a little over a year since Finnegan left Roadkill Garage, and fans are still wondering why. The popular YouTube show featured Finnegan and his co-host David Freiburger as they built crazy cars and took them on wild adventures. Roadkill Garage was one of the most popular shows on the network, so why did Finnegan leave?

There are a few theories out there, but the most likely explanation is that Finnegan wanted to focus on his other projects. He’s always been involved in a variety of automotive ventures, from writing books to working on television shows. It’s possible that he simply didn’t have enough time to devote to Roadkill Garage anymore.

Whatever the reason for his departure, we hope to see Finnegan back on our screens soon. In the meantime, we’ll just have to enjoy reruns of Roadkill Garage and dream about what crazy build he’ll tackle next.


The Roadkill Garage blog is filmed at the Blockbuster Video store in Burbank, California. The store is located at the corner of Olive Avenue and Alameda Street.