Find your shoe collection has outgrown your closet? When you’re working with limited closet space that can be easy to do, I don’t know how many times I’ve found myself with shoe racks overflowing and a closet floor full of shoes. When it’s time to get creative my favorite hidden storage solution has to be under the bed. There never seems to be enough storage space in my closet and with an entire under bed area to utilize I can store everything from winter coats to shoes with the right storage bins.

Stashing some loose shoes under the bed might free up some closet storage space, but by using the right under bed shoe storage you can have the same easy to access storage you have with your closet shoe rack, but under your bed. The Under bed Shoe Chest – 16 Pair has a clear design and built in handles that make it easy to take this bin out and allows you to see all your shoes at once. This bin actually provides an even better view of your shoes than a shoe rack, since it allows you to see the entire shoe all at once, so you can quickly find the right style or heel height.

I like the Under-Bed Shoe Storage Box for it’s rigid design. Since this storage bin has solid sides and individual compartments, shoes are protected from one another so they won’t get crushed. The cropped corner design also makes this storage box easy to fit under the bed. This bin would be the perfect place to safely store special pairs of shoes.

No one will know that hiding behind your bed skirt is shoe storage galore. In no time you’ll have plenty of storage for your shoe collection and a closet that is organized and under control!


Tuck Shoes Away With A Vinyl Under bed Shoe Chest

I must say that I am quite proud of myself for the ingenuity I displayed last week when I cured my son’s crippling fear of monsters living under his bed. Ever since I let him watch Monsters Inc, he is convinced there is a big monster under the bed that wants to eat him. Don’t ask me how he arrived at this conclusion, the monsters in that movie are mostly pretty nice, they never ate anyone. I guess my kid is just kind of wussy. There are worse things in life.

vinyl under bed shoe storage

Anyway, the root of this problem is that my son’s bed is very far off the ground. He has a classic old wood bed frame that I slept on as a child, and my dad slept on as a child; someday my son’s son will sleep on that bed frame. The problem is that it has a large open space under the frame, and it gets really dark in there, so my son assumes a monster has taken up residence. What am I to do?

Well I was browsing online and I found an outside the box idea that might have actually fixed this monster mayhem.

Funny I should say outside the box because my solution was literally a box. Well, not just a box but the PEVA vinyl underbed shoe chest, a box that is perfect for storing shoes and other items. It works out because I need somewhere to store my Christmas sweater collection. So far, so good, my sweaters are dust free, protected by the sturdy vinyl construction of this shoe storage box.

It turns out that for some reason the idea that there is an under bed storage box underneath his bed and not a monster really stuck in my son’s craw and he hasn’t been afraid of going to bed since. Funny how things work out sometimes isn’t it?

Lift Lid Underbed Shoe Storage

This Under the Bed Shoe Storage Box is updated with stylish and functional options, a great twist on under bed shoe storage options!  Under the bed storage is so important for homes with limited closet space, and it can be used for almost anything!

lift lid under bed shoe storage

Find boxes and bags of all types that simply slip under the bed for storage of clothes, decorations, linens, shoes and much more! If your bed lies flat against the floor, or you simply don’t think you have the clearance for an underbed storage box, a great option for you are bed risers. These are available in several sizes, styles and colors, and simply lift your bed off the ground, giving you the clearance you need to make use of that hidden storage area under the bed.

This shoe rack slides right under the bed, providing shoe storage for up to 10 pairs, depending on the size. Dividers keep everything in its place, and prevent shoes from scratching and damaging each other. The large lower compartment holds high boots nicely, with cubbies above it for heels, gym shoes, flip flops and more!

Additional storage is available in the side compartments for hosiery, scarves, belts, socks and other accessories. Best of all, this shoe storage box has a tip lid that lifts up for easy access to safely stored items. The lid is split, as well, so it can be opened from two different sides, and two nylon handles make operation easy as pie!

Simply slide this box in and out from underneath the bed for shoe storage that will last for years to come – great for keeping out of season shoes and other items stored safely, free from damage! The cardboard construction includes a UV coating and a beautiful floral pattern, a truly stylish storage option.

The Most Efficient High Heel Storage

There are lots of women out there that hate to wear high heels. Some find them to be anti-feminist, as if women need to improve their stature and appearance to be respected. Others find that they are just too tall to wear heels, and that the extra boost puts them a bit over the top. And of course, there are those women that hate to wear high heels because they are uncomfortable. However, I am not like any of these women – I love to wear high heels! And with high heels comes the need for efficient high heel storage.

under bed high heel storage Those that wear a lot of high heels will know that they are not very easy to put into storage. Due to the strange shape of heels, they end up being very inefficient when used with most shoe racks. If they are too tall, they do not fit into a cubby shoe rack, making that type of furniture pretty much useless. You really need to dig deep to find the right kind of high heel storage for your home.

What I have found makes a really great high heel storage option is the Under Bed Shoe Organizer. This shoe box fits right under your bed, providing space-efficient storage for your heels and other shoes. The unique shape of this box is what makes it so appropriate for high heel storage. The rounded corners provide the perfect shape to accommodate heels.

High Heel Storage

While most people can get away with using standard shoe racks to store their high heels, I think it is important to use storage that is more specified for heels. Most of the time, high heels are worn for formal occasional or business occasions, and it is important to be sure the heels stay in good shape. A pair of scuffed high heels reflects very poorly on the owner, so be sure to use the proper high heel storage!

Under Bed Shoe Storage Tips & Tricks

Do you feel like you’ve already filled every single inch of every shoe rack in your home?  I do!  If you’re not ready to part with your important footwear, but you are fed up trying to find places to put it, have you looked under your bed lately?  The under side of a bed is a great storage place, but is often overlooked in homes.  You can put virtually anything under the bed for storage, and specially designed underbed boxes make this a cinch!

Here are tips for different types of under bed storage for shoes, how to choose them and how to use them!

Under the Bed Storage Boxes

  • These are storage boxes that can be used for anything, from sweaters and shoes to holiday decorations.
  • They are usually long and pretty flat, so they will slide under the bed easily.  They sometimes have lids and wheels, some are rigid plastic and others are canvas, or vinyl.
  • These are all great for holding shoes, except for an underbed storage drawer, because the shoes tend to get caught when pulling the drawer out (the underbed drawer is great for other items, though, including towels and linens).

Under Bed Shoe Chest

  • This is a great box, designed just for shoes.
  • It holds up to 16 pairs of shoes, each is divided by a plastic divider.
  • I like the fact that it is crystal clear, so you can see what is in there without opening it.
  • It is also a nice, flexible vinyl material, which is really easy to pull in and out from under the bed!

Tip: If your boxspring is on the floor, and you don’t have underbed storage space, a set of bed risers can help.  Bed Risers raise your bed, when on a frame, from 4 to 15”, giving you tons of storage options underneath.  Most under bed storage boxes are about 6” high, so you will need to have at least that much clearance.  Check all measurements on the boxes and risers before purchasing.