bathroom towel rack reviewRenovating the layout of your bathroom and the overall look of it is not an easy task to undertake.  Trying to find the best items to give your bathroom the desired feel and vibe can be a bit tricky with the overwhelming number of different products. Whether it be shower curtains or mirrors, you must find that one particular item that reflects the essence of your personality.

As you do your best to stay up to date with all the new trends in the world of home décor, you can easily reach a point at which you feel lost in the endless flux of new products pushed at you by all the different brands. Look one way, and you’ll find a million different wall tiles and door handles, look the other way, and you’ll feel dizzy just by the sheer number of the various bathmats. Point is, it can be a pain in the neck.

It’s obviously not a one-person kind of job. When thinking about the different items you need to get for your bathroom, it can be quite convenient and helpful to have someone organize a list of the best choices for each category. What we have for you today is what can ease the search of Towel Racks for you. In light of the bigger picture, it may not be much, but it will definitely spare you some wasted time and the unwanted headache.

What are towel racks good for?

Well, the obvious reason for getting a towel rack is giving you a way of organizing your bathroom in a simple manner. If you get yourself a ladder style towel rack, for example, you can rely on it for hanging multiple towels at the same time instead of keeping them tossed all around the bathroom floor (if that’s your style of handling sheets, of course). You can go the towel rail route if you want to declutter the bathroom as well as add a new pretty element to the walls.

What’s great about towel rails is that their purpose does not only have to do with bathroom renovation and making your home look pretty, but they are actually functional as practical towel storage solutions. Basically, you’re getting a product that serves two needs. Now that we briefly introduced the main benefits of towel racks let’s dive in and discover the best items the market has to offer.

1. YAMAZAKI home Leaning Ladder Rack

YAMAZAKI Leaning Ladder Rack review

The YAMAZAKI home Leaning Ladder Rack

If you’re looking for the ladder type, then this is one of the most popular options out there. It makes for an ideal choice for items that usually don’t get hung. The spacious design gives you enough room to hang any wet clothes or towels to dry with no issue. As for the overall appearance, the retro thin design makes it a worthy addition to any stylish bathroom. It was manufactured to be like any regular ladder, which means you’ll have sufficient space to store objects that usually don’t get hung around the house, like bags or scarves. You can even use those S-hooks to things hang such as belts. The creative options that this ladder provides makes it a great small space storage solution.

We briefly talked about the retro steel design above. It truly makes the ladder stand out as an intriguing item in the different elements that make up your bathroom’s décor. The ladder was designed to be constantly leaning on the bathroom wall to allow you to hang your belongings easily. What’s great about it is that is can be easily assembled, and it’s lightweight enough to be moved around with no issue. If you’re thinking that this design will make the ladder slip constantly, then you don’t need to worry yourself as there are rubber feet provided to stop this from occurring. Also, you can put as much as 2.2 pounds of weight on each rung of this ladder so it won’t be weighed down that easily.

2. OXO Good Grips Over The Door Stainless Steel Rack

OXO Good Grips Rack review

The OXO Good Grips Over The Door Stainless Steel Rack

Beside the ladder-style towel racks, we can find products with other different designs.  The over the door style towel rack that we have here is a good example. The OXO Good Grips Over the Door Stainless Steel Rack comes with non-slip hooks that hold your towels in place securely, saving you the pain of having to pick them up whenever they fall.

The upside of the design of products similar to this one is that they don’t take up a lot of space, so they’re a very convenient solution for people with relatively small bathrooms. Seeing how it sits on the door and doesn’t occupy much space, you can just hang your wet towels on it and let them dry out without them getting in the way of your daily activities.

Now you might be wondering whether this rack suits only one door size or many. Well, the rack has a flexible opening that allows you to adjust it to any door size you have. Also, seeing how the surface is non-skid, you won’t have to worry about damaging your door. The hook is so versatile that you can use it for the laundry room, bathroom, etc. The rack is designed to have a modern look that would seamlessly fit in with any kind of home décor. Whether it’s in a pantry, mudroom, bathroom, or bedroom, if you need this rack, simply hang it.

3. MyGift 4 Bar Chrome-Plated Bath Towel Ladder

MyGift 4 Bar Towel Ladder review

The MyGift 4 Bar Chrome-Plated Bath Towel Ladder

There’s no reason for you to go out and buy a towel holder that doesn’t look good or doesn’t add a flare to your bathroom’s design, especially if you got some options on the market that allow you to incorporate a sleek looking addition to your home. This particular product gives you just that.

The ladder provides 4 horizontal bars that give you enough space to dry your clothes or hang your towels. With neat and clever design, you can use to attach several things.

Being chrome-plated, the rail can fit with any bathroom design you may have, from vintage to modern.

The main reason for getting this particular towel ladder would be for saving some space and providing as much storage and mobility as possible.

If you want to make the whole ladder more stable, you can do so by securing it to the wall at the top by using the rubber sleeve that is included with it. Assembling it is really a simple and easy process, and if you want to dry or warm up your clothes quickly, you can benefit more from it by leaning it over a heater.

4. KES Swivel Towel Rack

KES Swivel Towel Bar review

The KES Swivel Towel Bar SUS 304

Are you looking for something that can hold up for a long time while providing you with impeccable convenience? Well, you needn’t look any further than the KES Swivel Towel Bar. Using it means that you get top tier material for storage without having to worry about any problems.

This towel rack is composed of an ensemble of 4 bars for sufficient storage space. Of course, you can use them not only to hang towels but also for clothing. These bars made out of stainless steel which has been designed to offer efficiency and save up space.

The efficiency part comes through the fact that each one of these bars is rotatable completely by 180°. So basically, you can stack up a significant number of items on these four bars because of this. And rust won’t be a problem here since the rack is protected with the chromium/nickel content, so a humid environment (let’s say a bathroom) won’t be an issue.

You can load this rack with as much as 15KG. It has got a hand polished finish, making it a great new item to add to your laundry room or bathroom. Another great thing about it is that it’s so easy to set up that you can even do it by yourself.

5. Franklin Brass 193153-FN Over the Door Triple Towel Rack

Franklin Brass 193153-FN Over the Door Triple Towel Rack review

The Franklin Brass Triple Towel Rack

You know, a nice hot shower is never properly over if there isn’t a soft, dry towel ready to be used when you’re all done. Hanging a wet towel that you’ve used to dry your body after a shower can be inefficient knowing that you’re going to probably have to use it again some other time while it’s still not dry enough.

When using most of the common towel racks, the towels tend to punch up. So instead of finding it properly dry and ready for usage, you’ll find it somewhat damp, having this musty, strange smell. But here, you’ll get an increase of airflow with the tiered over the door triple rack. Thanks to it, your towels will be able to dry properly with no issue. It represents a fitting solution for tight bathrooms with small wall space, so it’ll make your bathroom feel like less of a mess.

The process of drying towels doesn’t necessarily mean the need for big, spacious bathrooms. The rack can be hung over whatever door in the house that you choose. Wherever you feel is the best spot for drying clothes, you can take advantage of it. And since it’s an over the door rack, you won’t be required to do any kind of assembly. You can even move it from door to door as you see fit. No towel size is going to be an issue thanks to the three available towel bars. You also get 2 hooks at the bottom to hang sponges and washcloths. It only makes everything better knowing that it was constructed to be quite the durable product.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bathroom Towel Rack

The Finish

There’re more than just silver metal towel rails out there. You can also find chrome, obviously, and there are also the anthracite and white towel rails. The popularity of chrome stems from the fact that it can suit almost any bathroom designs. But if you’re trying to maintain a vintage look, for example, you should go with a white rail.

The Size

Not all bathrooms are of the same size, and this is a factor that needs to be taken into account. Fortunately, you’ll find a towel rail for almost all bathrooms, big or small. Just make sure to take your wall measurements before you buy anything as you have to consider the space needed for the valves.

The Touch

You can go with traditional towel rail while you can also opt for a heated one. It depends on how much space you have and how you want your bathroom to look like. Heated towel rails are good for saving space as you won’t need to have a towel radiator with them.

The Style

Not all two bathrooms look alike. They may share similar traits, but ultimately, there’s something that would set them apart. You have to compliment the uniqueness of your bathroom with the appropriate towel rail. Wall space need to be considered as well as the overall design, whether it’s vintage or modern.

Build Your Own

If you are handy with DIY tools and can follow video instructions, you could always have a go at making a towel rack yourself.  The beauty of doing this is that you can make something which matches the style and size of your bathroom perfectly.

Take a look at the video below to get some ideas and see how easy it is to Do It Yourself.