organized bathroom storage Your bathroom reflects how much you care about your house. That’s a fact.

Think about it. When you visit someone’s bathroom and find it clean and steady, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

It’s probably something in the lines of “Wow, they really care about their hygiene and organization!”

The problem is that most people don’t give much attention to how organized their bathroom is. Mind you, they care about hygiene, but it’s the organizational aspect that’s lacking. Most of the time, such an issue is due to how small the bathroom is. One may wonder; where am I supposed to store everything in such a tiny space? Sure, you can minimize the items in your bathroom, but some things cannot be stored anywhere else. Toiletries, toothpaste, towels, just to name a few.

Here’s the thing; despite its small size, the bathroom has several organization solutions and storage options, such as under cabinet storage, towel warmers and racks, wall storage, and floor storage.


Under Cabinet Storage

Take a look at the cabinet under your sink. When was the last time you organized that space? Last week? Last year? Never? That’s actually a more common problem than what most people believe. Right after the junk drawer in the kitchen, bathroom cabinets are probably the most disorganized spot in any house. That’s mainly because it’s such a tiny space with a giant pipe that makes it hard to fit anything there, especially organizing boxes.

So, what can you do to solve such a first-world problem?

Well, there are many storage solutions that you can use here. One obvious option is to get an expandable under sink storage rack. What makes such a rack convenient is the fact that most products available today in this category come with removable shelf pieces that you can arrange around pipes to maximize the space you have under your sink. Some even come with slide-out drawers, which can come in handy in expanding the available space and making more room for different items.

Plastic under-sink organizers are also an excellent option to consider, as they’re small and can fit under most cabinets with ease, even when stacking them. What’s most convenient about them is that you can use a separate box for each of your toiletries. Besides, they’re extremely easy to clean. Stackable sliding drawers are similar in what they do. You can use them individually or stack them on top of each other depending on your under-cabinet space.

If none of the above solutions works, you can always grab an over-cabinet storage basket, through which you can make use of the space inside the cabinet doors. Using storage baskets allows you to keep all of your stuff within an arm’s reach whenever you need them, and they’re quite affordable too. Alternatively, you can customize your cabinet doors by installing floating shelf pieces, which you can adjust in terms of width and length to accommodate your own storage needs.

Before getting your under-cabinet storage solution, make sure to take full measurements of the available space, so you don’t end up with fitting issues.

Towel Warmers and Racks

When it’s freezing outside, nothing’s better than taking a hot shower and stepping out of the bath or shower to find your warm towels waiting for you on your bathroom’s towel warmer.

Towel warmers and racks are another storage option that you can implement in your bathroom to hit two birds with one stone; first, you’ll find a convenient solution to keep your towels organized, and second, your towels will be warm for you whenever you need them. Besides, they’ll get dry much faster thanks to the heating capability. Your stone can hit three birds after all.

Towel warmers come in two kinds: racks and baskets. Towel racks can either be freestanding or mounted to the wall, and they’re best suited for those looking for a storage solution that can keep their towels warm and dry them after usage. Basket towel warmers, on the other hand, can keep your towels warmer while taking a minimal amount of space. Choosing the best option for you boils down to how much free space you have in your bathroom.

Wall Storage

Since your bathroom is small, you might as well make use of the walls and the space they offer. Wall storage solutions are especially handy for those with really tiny bathrooms, those with very little space under the sink and in the cabinets.

To get the most out of your walls, the first idea that comes to mind is mounting a shelf right underneath your bathroom mirror. Shelves can also be wall-mounted on the walls at both sides of your sink. What’s suitable about such a solution is that not only does it save on space, but it can also add a nice decorative touch to your bathroom.

Another option that you should consider is mounting a cabinet right above the toilet. Be careful if you go with this option though, as you’re likely to bang your head once or twice before getting used to the added cabinet. To avoid that, you can opt for a cabinet with a slim profile. Cabinets can also be installed on different walls, so don’t limit yourself to one spot.

If you don’t like closed spaces, you can mount some baskets instead, in which you can keep all of your towels. Wire baskets are also a perfect landing space for all of your toiletries as you can keep them within reach all the time.

We’re going to consider the door as part of the walls here and recommend using it to mount wire shelves or towel bars that can hold extra towels and supplies.

Shower Caddies

Your shower cubicle also has walls which you can make the most of, and one of the easiest shower storage solutions is the shower caddy.  If you are tired of kicking or tripping over shampoo bottles and want easy access to your shower products without having to leave the warmth of your shower, then shower caddies provide a perfect, simple solution.

You didn’t expect the walls to offer such various storage options, did you?

Floor Storage

So, we used the cabinet, we exhausted the wall space, and we even hung some towels above the door, what else can you use as storage space in your bathroom? The floor, of course.

When trying to use the bathroom floor, you need to think outside of the box. Bathroom storage doesn’t have to be as dull as it sounds. For starters, instead of going with large floor cabinets, opt for taller ones that have a slim profile. That way, your bathroom won’t look nearly as cumbersome, and you’ll have all your items stored in style.

Baskets are also an excellent storage option. You can skip cabinets and shelves altogether and place some stylish baskets on the floor just under the sink to get the casual, rustic look you’ve always wanted.

If you need a bathroom storage solution that can be moved around easily, we recommend checking bar carts. You can place all of your towels and bath essentials there and move the cart to or from the bath or shower as needed. Who needs cabinets when there are wheels, right?

There’s no sense denying it; bathroom storage does sound boring, and organizing such a tiny space may seem overwhelming, but you can actually have a lot of fun in the process and add a nice touch to your bathroom. Bathroom storage systems and solutions are abundant, and the ideas are endless if you think outside of the box, so don’t let the small available space stop you from unleashing your creativity.