Hanging Shoe Storage Rack for All Those Shoes

It seems like this year my wife got a ton of new shoes for Christmas. This is great because she is a working professional and always needs to have a lot of formal and casual shoes to wear to her various events. Unfortunately there is not a ton of room in our home to store those new shoes this year. In order to keep the shoes organized and efficiently stored, we needed to get a hanging shoe storage rack to keep them off the floor.

Keeping your shoes organized and off of the floor is very important. Shoes that sit on the floor can rub and bump into each other, causing them to scuff and lose their new appearance. It is much more sensible to invest in a hanging shoe storage rack then to constantly be replacing messed up shoes. Shoes can be very expensive so it is important to make sure they last as long as possible.

A great hanging shoe storage rack is the Cedarstow Hanging Shoe Bag. This is a great choice for your closet or bedroom because it is extremely durable. This is important because often a hanging shoe storage rack is only a temporary storage solution, falling apart after a few months or maybe a year of use.

Hanging Shoe Storage rackThe bag is made from cotton material, giving it a soft quality that is perfect for shoe storage. Rougher materials tend to leave scratches on leather or scuff up suede. But cotton is perfect because it allows you to slide your shoes right into each cubby for easy and safe storage.

The planks in between in each cubby are made from red cedar wood. This durable wood construction allows the hanging shoe storage rack to hold heavier shoes that would tear lesser racks to pieces. Another benefit of the cedar wood is the fresh scent it gives your closet or bedroom.

When you are looking to store a whole bunch of shoes in an efficient and safe manner, look no further than this excellent example of a hanging shoe storage rack.