Towel bars are an essential hardware element in any bathroom, adding both style and functionality to the space. Many people think of towel racks as the basic wall mounted single bar, but while that is a practical solution for many bathrooms, there are actually a wide variety of other types of bathroom towel bars and towel racks as well. We carry freestanding racks, over-door hanging racks, retractable under-sink bars, and even bars that feature integrated shelves or other storage. For shared bathrooms, or guest baths, a double towel bar that is freestanding or wall mounted can add crucial hanging space so that everyone has a place to put their towel. Alternately there are towel racks that feature up to 4 bars to accommodate even more towels.

One other thing that you may want to consider when choosing your towel racks is that a bathroom looks most put together when all of its hardware matches. So if you can, try to select racks that come in the same style and finish as the hardware that may already be installed on the sink or shower. Alternately, if you are choosing hardware for the entire bathroom at once, many products have links in their descriptions that feature other products in their collection, so you could purchase pieces that match exactly. If you need a full bathroom of hardware, you may also be interested in checking out our bathroom hardware sets that make the buying process simple by bundling matching hardware in one easy package.

Whichever style of bathroom towel bars or racks you are looking for, you are sure to find multiple great options in our huge selection of over 1,500 different choices. And, with products from reliable brands like Moen, Delta Faucet, Elements of Design, the towel rack you choose will be durable and looking great for years to come.