Simply Essential
A wet towel in a bathroom without a towel bar is a crime waiting to happen. The temptation to just toss it on the floor is too great, and from that point on it’s a filthy, slippery ticket to mold, mildew and madness, unless there’s room in the hamper. Of course, that’s assuming there even is a hamper …

Aqua Felena Bathroom Towel Bar
Why Should I Have One?
Towel bars are used to hang towels that have been used after showers to ensure proper drying. Thoroughly drying towels after each use prolongs the time between needing to wash towels. Towel bars can also help to keep the bathroom clutter free and clean looking.

Since towel hampers fell out of style around 1956, the towel bar has become an essential piece of bathroom hardware. As reliable today as they were when they were invented in Turkey, presumably at the same time as towels, during Middle Ages. This simplistic bathroom accessory can is one of the most beautiful, yet functional, parts of the bathroom.

Styling Your Bar
Towel bars are available in a variety of different types to suit your own needs. Standard towel bars feature one bar that screw into the wall on either end. Depending on the length, standard towel bars can hold 1-3 towels. Dual or double towel bars are also available which provides extra hanging space (typically for two towels) without need extra width. Double towel bars screw to the wall as well. The general understanding with dual bars is that bath towels get big bars and hand towels get short ones, but there really are no rules here. Be a rebel and feel free to buck that trend. There are also triple towel bars available for bathrooms that are used by multiple people, or those who enjoy many towels.

For something with a little more flexibility, swivel towel bars are another good option. Swivel bars attach to the wall of the bathroom or shower and features bars which are secured with swivel hinges that allows the bar to swing a full half circle from one wall to the other. The biggest advantage of a swivel towel bar is that the bars can lie flat against the wall not taking up any space when they are not in use but can be brought out to hang a towel when needed.

Freestanding towel bars are another option for anyone who does not want a towel bar that screw into the wall. These towel bars are supported by feet or a base and can be easily moved around the bathroom. They are available in options that hold multiple towels and are a very convenient option.

If a towel bar alone won’t provide the necessary organization, a shelf and towel bar might be a better option. These towel bars will allow not only for hanging towels, but also for folded towels on top of the shelf and more, saving even more space and keeping the bathroom nice and organized.

For a luxurious touch, there are also towel bars that warm, keeping the towels nice and toasty during the winter months.

Mounting a towel bar is typically a relatively simple process. Different towel bars will require different installation and each will come with specific instructions for the particular model. Some are simply screwed directly to the wall and others come with a small attachment piece which is first screwed to the wall and then the towel bar is secured on that base hook. Be sure to read the instructions that come with your bar for specific details.

Placing Your Towel Bar
Towel bars have no specific height which they need to be installed at, but they should be installed around eye height and high enough off the top of things like toilets or counters so that a towel folded in half lengthwise will not hit the top of anything else in the bathroom. When choosing where to place your towel bar, consider the distance from the bar to the shower, as well as how your bathroom door and cabinets swing, to be sure you find the ideal spot.